MedsPack Specialty Pharmacy for Patients

Managing your prescription medications has never been easier. MedsPack can fill all of your prescription medications and has an extensive in-house inventory of durable medical equipment and supplies, so there’s no need to search for multiple pharmacies to fulfill your treatment needs.

Why do specialty medications require special attention?

Specialty medications are prescribed to individuals diagnosed with chronic, complex, and/or rare medical conditions. Specialty medications are not as easily available as common prescriptions and therefore can be more difficult to access. MedsPack specialty pharmacy and free delivery services help patients gain access to their medications on time, so you don’t miss a dose.

We handle the entire process of prior authorization

Specialty medications require more time, effort, and attention to detail to fill and deliver to the patient, compared to more common prescriptions. Sometimes, prior authorization (additional verification) is needed in order for your insurance company to cover the costs of your specialty medications. MedsPack pharmacists work directly with your doctors and insurance company to obtain prior authorization and refill approvals.

Manage all of your information with the MedsPack app

The MedsPack app is your control center for your health. On the patient dashboard you can:

  • Grant permission to your doctor and/or caregiver to access your MedsPack information, including prescriptions and current medications
  • Communicate with MedsPack pharmacists using our HIPAA compliant two-way messaging system
  • Update your insurance information, phone number, and mailing address
  • Track the authorization status of all your prescription medications
  • Schedule the delivery of prescription medications

Prevent nutrient depletion caused by long-term medication regimens with MedsPack Must Essentials

Maintenance medication treatment plans may cause nutrient depletion. Some medications, when taken for long periods of time, can affect your body’s ability to absorb or produce certain nutrients. When you sign up with MedsPack, our pharmacists will discuss possible nutritional needs specific to your treatment plan. We refer to them as Must Essentials.