Medspack. Your Preferred Partner in Patient Care.

    MedsPack specialty pharmacy is the trusted partner for physicians. We help healthcare providers save time and effort on administrative paperwork and achieve optimal clinical outcomes for their patients.

    Streamlining the prior authorization process

    Our team of specialty-trained pharmacists streamline the process of prior authorization. MedsPack coordinates the administrative demands of specialty prescriptions and helps make your job easier. When you let MedsPack take over the administrative demands associated with specialty medication prescriptions, you and your staff can focus on what’s most important — patient care.

    Complete, convenient, compliant solutions

    MedsPack offers an easy, convenient prescription ordering service to get your patients signed up with recurring, home delivery of medications right away. Refill reminders keep patients up-to-date with all prescriptions, so they never miss a dose.

    Send us prescriptions via your preferred method of communication

    • We accept e-prescriptions
    • Call us at 1-877-MEDS-247 to speak to an advisor
    • Fax prescriptions to 1-877-MEDS-247
    • We accept most insurance plans and FSA cards.

    Monitor and manage your patient’s medications through our secure patient portal
    Once patients grant you access to their patient portal, you can:

    • Monitor and update prescriptions
    • Authorize refills
    • Update medication instructions


    Ankylosing spondylitis



    Dermatology A - E

    Dermatology H (Humira)

    Dermatology I - Z

    Endocrine disorders

    Gastrointestinal A-H

    Gastrointestinal I-Z




    Hepatitis C

    Immune Gglobilin (Intravenous)

    Immune Gglobilin (Subcutaneous/Intramuscular)

    Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

    Melanoma & Basal Cell Carcinoma


    Miscelaneous immunology

    Miscelaneous therapy

    Multiple sclerosis






    Psoriatic arthritis A - H

    Psoriatic arthritis I - Z

    Rheumatology A - H

    Rheumatology I - Z

    Urologic oncology

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